Sunday, 28 May 2017

Organisation Week - Day 7 of 7

Die Storage

Die storage has been a bit of an issue for me and it remains a work in progress.  I don't have too many for Stampin' Up! yet but I am getting there.  I use Evernote to keep track of what stamps and dies I have, so finding what I want is not a problem, but storage can be.

I will do a series on Evernote at some stage because it is absolutely wonderful in keeping an inventory of what you have - and it works on both windows, android and apple!  woo hoo...  The great thing about it is you can type in a theme and all the stamps/dies/sentiments you have will come up.  No more looking through individual stamp sets...

Anyway I digress.  Die storage...

The great thing about Stampin' Up! is that the dies actually come in pretty good packaging.  The problem is the horrible tape they use inside to keep them from moving around.  Once you have taken them off it is useless though.

I use magnetic sheets (purchased online in bulk) and cut them to measure the size of the card that comes with the dies. 

I then store these in a plastic container I found in KMart that is designed to go in your fridge - it was in the kitchenware section.  I turned it sideways so that I could fit the small and large sized dies together.  I have some plastic dividers used in binders that I will cut up to sort my dies further, but at the moment I just store them alphabetically.  When the collection gets bigger, I will need to be more creative. 

My husband is in the process of building me some custom made boxes that will hold my Dies, much like the ones provided by Stamp n Storage.  Unfortunately shipping is way to much to Australia, so he has lovingly agreed to make them. I will then use plastic dividers to sort them into themes making it easier to locate what I am after.  I will update my blog when I get this done :)  Trav, (my husband) is also making the ink pad, marker and refill storage boxes and punch holder boxes - so stay tuned.  He is NOT a handy man - very rarely ventures into this world, but is giving it a go.  So far he has made part of the ink one - here's a sneak peak :)  I am very proud!

I will post pictures when it's all done.

I also have other Dies that I had long before Stampin' Up!.  I store these in empty CD cases.  This is also good for small stamps. 

I take out the insert from the CD case and then using clear contact paper, stick the die cut example to the outside cover of the case.  I then attach a small piece of adhesive magnet to the inside and put the die on the magnet.  Close the case and label the outside and store.  Easy. 

Feel free to ask me about any other things I may have organised.  I love to be organised, I find I can work much better and my goal is to use what I buy and know what I have. 

Hope you enjoyed the organisation week - please leave any feedback - it is always welcome.  I would love to hear your ideas as well.

I have seen some fantastic storage systems in the USA, but unfortunately here we have very little (that doesn't cost an absolute fortune). Homemade is good, and being creative little bunnies - we always come up with something - Happy organising everyone...

Stay tuned down the track for my updated organisation tips!

If you live in Australia, feel free to contact me for support, tips, hints or help with building your supplies.  Happy to answer any questions - follow the link to the Contact me page. 

Also, if you live in Australia, I would love to be your Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  Follow the link to my online store for any supplies or contact me for more information.  I can even help you to become a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator which has fantastic benefits. 

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