Thursday, 25 May 2017

Organisation Week - Day 4 of 7

Designer Series Paper Storage

After cutting my Designer Series paper into smaller, card size pieces, I put them in clear plastic sleeves and label them.  The sleeves can be bought at any bargain store like dollar king and fit them perfectly.  They are often in the party section for party favours.

These then sit next to my cardstock and can using the swatches, I can easily find the packet I need. They are stored as below on the right.

I store my 6" x 6" Designer Series Paper in plastic vinyl sleeves.  I buy these from ebay.  They are thick plastic measuring 7" wide.  I also use the 12" ones for the larger Designer Series Paper.  They are the plastic sleeves that are used to hold records (the old things before CD's). 

As for the cardstock, I use a tab label punch , label it with my label maker and then attach it to the plastic using packing tape.  The storage bins can be found in any bargain store (reject store, dollar king, $2 shop) and KMart also has a good selection of storage bins that are various sizes. 

Here are the 12" x 12".  I also keep my glimmer paper, foil, Window sheets and Acetate in the same way.

The 12" papers are stored in cropper hoppers to keep them protected.  It is easy just to take out the plastic sleeve I need and return it when it is finished with. 

Stay tuned tomorrow - ink swatches

If you live in Australia, feel free to contact me for support, tips, hints or help with building your supplies.  Happy to answer any questions - follow the link to the Contact me page. 

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